Just Keep Swimming, You Are On The Right Track

SHE’S BACK!!!!!!


This throw over sheer kimono is from BOOHOO, I have it in white aswell. But I could literally wear this with all my outfits. All seasons round item; I would say this kimono is one of my faves.

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve written anything. So many things can happen in a year or even a couple of months. Time tends to fly by and we get slapped in the face and wrapped up in our own little bubble with the existence we call ‘Life’. We are learning and evolving every day. Have you ever thought you was happy in a relationship, when actually you wasn’t the whole time? I mean I think we do see the red flags at the beginning stages of meeting/dating someone. We just tend to ignore them and give them all the chance. We all love chances, but as a dear friend of mine would say…

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

I LOVE IT ! Please lovely ladies, don’t ignore your sadness and don’t allow someone to make you feel like you are crazy or tell you that you are sad because of other reasons; stand your ground and find the root of what is making you feel that certain way and speak up! Be heard girlfriend. We can fall in love with a controlling selfish lover or with someone who just doesn’t want to hear your voice. Don’t just settle for anything and know your worth. I always have a gut feeling but I never go with it, I will do now, trust me haha! I’m starting to learn that I’ve always knew what was right for me, but I lacked in power and lost my strength to speak up. It will take time to find your full power or maybe you have that strength already, if so, make sure every decision you make is for you and you know that it will bring long term happiness.


This outfit is PRETTY LITTLE THING. This is a Co-ord; skirt and blouse. I do love the print but the skirt is quite thin material so if I re-wear the skirt in the winter I will have to put some tights on or over the knee boots with it. The blouse you can wear all seasons round, especially in winter with a pair of  jeans but I’ve just tied it in a knot for a this summer look. P.s I was in Marrakech two weeks ago.

I went through my first break up (I’m sure you’ve all been there before). I feel like everyone should experience heart break because it really has strengthened me in all aspects in my life. I now will always speak my mind and make sure I am doing what I want to do. I was with an emotionally abusive partner and I was unintentionally or intentionally put down and made to feel I had no say in my relationship. I was ignored and ignored for 2 years and a half, and i only realised I was until I left the the relationship. HOW!? How was I so blind? I guess we can be blinded by love; unhealthy love can just really leave some bruises on our hearts. I became addictively co-dependent and I never thought I would have due to my strong independence before my relationship; I guess this is where we learn our lessons. The process of breaking up was not fun but I can admit I now feel free. I wouldn’t say I hate or despise my ex because I’ve learnt everything I need to know for myself and I now know how to keep strong and keep my power and self worth. No one should gain the power to bring you down unless you hand it to them. So we cant blame anyone else but ourselves.


If you haven’t watched Finding Nemo and feel like you can be a child for a couple of hours, go and watch Finding Nemo.


Crystals, New People and Spontaneous Shopping Trips

I’ve been trying to find a lot of me time recently and it hasn’t been the easiest when I’ve been at work everyday for 9 hours, 6 days a week. I feel slightly suffocated when I’m around the same people 24/7, it can be hard to be patient with different people, as we are all trying to get to know each other still. I am only 2 months in to my contract and it’s been hard to let people in bit by bit when i know i have to spend the next 18 months with them. It’s always natural to make a closer bond with a couple of people, as its human. I think it’s important to stick to those natural connections and surround yourself with those people who you feel closer with because they will keep you smiling. I also think it’s important to keep that effort with the rest of your employees because it is polite and it should really not affect your own energy.

I learnt that I need to make sure i do a couple of things a week that keep me in track with myself, even if its spread out during the week and i go for that coffee date or cinema trip to just forget about work and zone out. I realised I really neeeed this! We all need to just find that calm in all of the drama in our crazy life. Ah, i read about our every day shower can be therapeutic, as in we rush and make getting ready just a casual routine and it’s always rushed for us to get out of the house. But if you really try to make sure you make enough time to enjoy your shower and get ready, with some music in the background, feeling the water against your skin. Showering should be therapeutic, make it part of the day where you just you can’t wait to shower or bathe. Make it a breather for you to wake yourself up or to wind you down after a long day. Showering should be one of your favourite times of the day!

img_1006I bought a rose quartz crystal and a dream catcher last week sunday. The rose quartz represents unconditional love and self-love, so I’m trying to really work on self-love this year by just really appreciating who i am and realising that i am beautiful and sexy. I mean I found it very strange to even write that down. So, women there is always a start, get that pen and paper and write it down. See how you feel, say it aloud and see how you feel. We have to work on actually feeling it without becoming arrogant, but single ladies once you embrace that beauty you will find your match. Surprisingly, it all goes down hill again when you get into relationships because you want to just impress your partner naturally and be that sexy lady, but that is all just your natural thoughts going crazy. Just stay calm because your man is with you because you are sexy and beautiful, embrace it.

I was browsing around the shops with my friend and decided to just buy clothes to go out that night; this is not the first time I’ve just bought clothes there and then and changed in the changing rooms for the night. I mean we wasn’t dressed indecent, but we just wanted something to wear straight away to hit the bars. Please tell me, we are not the only ones who have done this? So we got some bottles and then went back to hers to get ready and then we didn’t even leave the house!!! Hilarious, we just sat there drinking and chatting to her house mate. It was so perfect, with our favourite tunes in the background. So women, always go with the flow because now i have a spare sexy outfit ready for a cheeky night out. I feel this is going to be the norm whilst travelling. Woopsy!

We need to get out more often. Be free.


My Life Is Theatre

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One of the safest places to be in the world is the stage – Frank Langella 

Last week was so challenging for my colleagues and myself. I had to really try to not let unhappy people around me affect my own happy bubble. When doing a new project we always tend to find the faults in the good things we manage to complete and keep telling ourself that we aren’t good enough yet because we just want to do our best. We always want the best results straight away, especially as a performer i think our directors and creatives always expect to see the best of best results right away otherwise they can’t see their own work, that’s why it’s a little tricky for dancers as we have to make sure once we have learnt something, we then have to remember it and do it right away after being taught. I think our creatives do know it will take us time but most performers end up constantly trying to impress them instead of believing that their 100% is enough. Eventually we all tend to put ourselves down when we seem to just mess the little things up, which is natural. I feel we shouldn’t get so wound up about it because in the end the show will open and we will all be amazing, everything always falls into place if you have given your full commitment. When you know you are working hard enough and doing what you need to do best, then everything is going to be okay. So what if you get given notes or feedback, you need it! It will help you to be better. Try to look at how other amazing people around you work and try to take little things from them that you love and put it into your practice, we all learn from talented people, because these are the people who motivate us. I’m working with kids at the moment and their enthusiasm is insane, these kids are little ninjas and sometimes i think they can handle situation 10 times better than we do because they are happy with what they are doing. They are an inspiration to watch, they just go for it without any thinking or stress. Kids will always live in the moment.

I feel like all we need is an extra day of work to get some head space. Go and watch some theatre and tell me if you enjoyed it. Performers always tend to want to move and emotionally connect with out audiences and without an audience we don’t get to do what we do best. I watched ‘Five Guys Named Moe‘ last week with a few of my friends in it, and i just couldn’t stop singing, laughing and dancing all night, if you want a good night out with a couple of friends, this is the show to go for. I had two-day weekend for the first time and i watched ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child‘, it was insaneeee! The play takes you to another place you have never felt before; with constant awe and amazement; it was like I wasn’t watching a play but i was in fact watching a film live in action because it was so graphic. Please find some time and a friend to go watch this show, its indescribable. Harry Potter is a two-part show, so do expect a long but worth it day or you can just watch the first and second part different days. Your choice! So when you find that extra day off work, instead of doing those annoying house chores, get out and go and watch a show in the West end! I have to promote what i do because i don’t put in this much hard work in for no reason.

All about feeling cosy and making trips to the theatre, try the Monki new in collection!

Here’s some of my faves

Green Sporty Classic Pants – £25
Cropped Knit Sweater – £25
Flowy Flare Trousers High Waisted – £30
Soft Cosy Jumpsuit – £35

Thank you for reading! I hope you book a show asap. Haha

XOXO Samara

Welcome 2018, Lets Be Patient


Did You Make A New Year Wish?

So why did i think it was sensible to take a shot of spirit on New Year’s Day that contained 70%  pure alcohol. Hahaha i have to laugh it off. I really want to make sure i post everyday. Lets all try and stick to something we put our minds too.

I was sitting in cologne airport and my flight was 1 hour and a half delayed on the 1st of December, as per with Ryan air. Everyday delays. This year I entered the year with out my family, but the warm welcome into the year with my partners family (my German family) it was so beautiful. Fireworks everywhere on the streets. Ive already made some really strong decisions today, and I’m feeling so content with everything. Life is so easy and simple. Lets not complicate the life we live. I can’t have everything i want at this time in moment but its okay, last year taught me a lot of lessons and now I’m here to put all those challenges to play. I start my new job tomorrow and reading the schedule for my rehearsals has got me feeling so appreciative of all my hard work. Every year I make new goals, and I’ve manage to accomplish every one. My one and only dream is to live with my man in germany and start a life. It’s simple, but yet not so simple, but i’m planning on just taking the risk and doing what i want for myself to make me happy.


Day one of rehearsals today, working for the royal Shakespeare’s company. It was a crazy but not too manic day, i’m super tired due to not getting much sleep. I was constantly rolling over thinking about my love and about starting this new journey. I’m going to have to meditate tonight to relax myself before i sleep, actually writing this blog is whining me right down. I’ve just gone over all the music we learnt today and it was so overwhelming, ahhh! There was so much information in one day that I literally can not think right now. I need water!! To keep that face fresh you have to drink so much water! You will surprised with how much drinking water makes your skin look fresh! My skin is awful at the moment from drinking way too much alcohol over the Christmas period, but I’ll say i had the best holiday break.

I reminded myself about staying patient today, it’s so important to stay calm and not to pull yourself down because you can’t get something right away. The only person rushing and forcing yourself is only yourself. It’s nice that you are so passionate but you shouldn’t put yourself down when you have only just mastered something, practice makes perfect and there is always time.

A few new in items i loved this week.

I’m not feeling sale hunting, i look for what i love and if its on sale then I’m happy and if not, then i still think it’s worth buying something if you know you will wear it all the time.

Miss Selfridge grey bobble sleeve jump £31, just a causal added cute textured cosy jumper to wear all the time. I mean all the time.

Topshop jacquard bed jacket £32, this is different and not usually what i would wear; how do i not know if i don’t try on,eh; but i have a similar blouse from monki, but i love this colour and they have it in pink!

I love this Topshop whipstitch ‘love’ slogan jumper £39, something about this just i just love, especially with the added ‘love’ slogan on the sleeve is so cool and original.

Topshop sued country skirt £95, its real suede and can we risk it, i think so many of you beautiful women would look hot in this. It is short indeed but maybe for a night out or a romantic date. Change it up and get those legs out!

Good Night all or good day or good afternoon!

Keep shining its 2018



Things That Make Us Smile


A hug is so simple, yet it can make you feel so happy. I want to try hugging more often and do you know what? I would love it if you guys could try it too. When you greet someone, go for a hug , really welcome them. Watch the difference you feel about yourself. I tried it all day, and i just felt so content and at ease. Instead of thinking of what the other person is thinking of you, you end up thinking that you’ve given them something special. EH, because it is special. Don’t underestimate the HUG now please.

Expressions is one of the first things you notice when you meet someone, their energy is sooo obvious. It Doesn’t mean they are this way today because of seeing you, they may be stressed/had a really crazy tiring day. So what do I say, give them a hug. You can also make people feel better instantly, that stressed person is now all of a sudden feeling at ease, they are feeling happier. BECAUSE OF YOU! YAYYYY. So simple, right?

Why don’t we all buy these massive Teddy Bears and hug them all day and sleep.

So cute.

This is why we find lovers and we sooner or later find out that all we want to do is just hug them, while doing the things we like.

What else hugs us? Eh, JACKETS!

Here’s my selections of new in jackets from Zara that I love.


The details on this coat got me going crazy, FASHION IS ART!


I never reallly wear check, but I’ve been wanting to buy some check items because I think it adds groove to your style. So unique and quirky. KEEP IT REAL WITH A CHECK!


I have this jacket in blue, ahhhh it’s so comfy! The burgundy colour has just come out in store. TEXTURES KEEP YOU COSY!


YES, it’s yellow! Be brave girl, I’ve got this coat in red!! But damn the yellow is just shouting at me. FUR LOVES YOU!


Change a basic chic coat into a glam style in seconds, add all the details to this jacket. I love fur collars on a long line jacket. CLASSIC CHIC WHERE YOU AT!


I loved writing this blog, it made me smile! See, even thinking of hugs and happiness just keeps your mind at bay.

Sending you kisses and hugs.




Two More Weeks of 2017

It’s Monday Beautiful’s, lets get this week rolling. Do a little stretch out of bed, polly says ‘put the kettle on’ and get that coffee. OMGOSH. Play the Shark Tale album on Spotify, if you have Spotify; I’m sure it’s on YouTube; dance around and be present.

Sending you all the HAPPINESS!


Vintage Style Works Well, Forever

This year; is nearly over, HOWWWW!?; I experimented with different styles and

British Vogue Magazine

prints to find what suited me, due to my Afro, what I didn’t expect is that the 80s/90s style is so me and it tends to suit a lot of you chic beautiful women. Put on something stylish this winter season and show the world how you explore fashion with your own body. The style of clothes you probably wouldn’t dream of trying on, is most likely a style that will suit you more than you thought. Go on, I dear you! Pick up a random selection of clothing items in a store that you love the look of, of course, and try it on. You will be surprised with how much it changes your look. SUPERSTAR!

There’s so much styles to look at these days, and they all go round in a circle! From stripes, florals, leathers, suedes and velour/crushed velvet. Try adding some textures to your style as well. My daily outfits always tend to involve different textures from head to toe; it’s crazy; I never noticed until someone pointed it out to me. But it’s sooo true.

Here are some picks I have in my wardrobe and new in items I loved online.


This throw over kimono, adds some glam to a basic jean and t-shirt outfit. Why not throw this on top and wack a pair of heels on when you cant find a outfit to wear. Such a beautiful quick fashion tip.


This is a brave beautiful statement, I use to hate wide leg trousers but if you find the right fit around the bum and legs you can look so sexy its unreal, so try go for a wide leg that fits snug around the top half of your legs, it will insinuate you figure.



This t-shirt dress has so much flare and style to it, keeping the vintage old school look. But yet can look so glam. Again, I use to hate stripes until i bought this and realised how fashionable and cool I looked. I say get the legs out with this t-shirt on a night out, and watch the compliments flow by.


Such a beautiful addition to a basic outfit again, these little details make the fashion. There is not much to say but this is such a day into evening item and can be worn all seasons round, I assume.



Love love love these. These pants are soooooo cool! Put these on with a cropped top or a black long sleeve turtle neck body and you are ready for that cozy day out. Get some vans on with these or some comfy trainers.



Now this is a edgy funky chic look, such a brave statment. Can be worn with heels or trainers, wack on a cropped jumper and a bouji hat and your outfit is sorted!!


There you have it, some hangover new in online finds that I loved. Yes, I am dying today. I had way too much cocktails last night, that’s why I’m posting at 23:33 at night #DEDICATION !