Welcome 2018, Lets Be Patient


Did You Make A New Year Wish?

So why did i think it was sensible to take a shot of spirit on New Year’s Day that contained 70%  pure alcohol. Hahaha i have to laugh it off. I really want to make sure i post everyday. Lets all try and stick to something we put our minds too.

I was sitting in cologne airport and my flight was 1 hour and a half delayed on the 1st of December, as per with Ryan air. Everyday delays. This year I entered the year with out my family, but the warm welcome into the year with my partners family (my German family) it was so beautiful. Fireworks everywhere on the streets. Ive already made some really strong decisions today, and I’m feeling so content with everything. Life is so easy and simple. Lets not complicate the life we live. I can’t have everything i want at this time in moment but its okay, last year taught me a lot of lessons and now I’m here to put all those challenges to play. I start my new job tomorrow and reading the schedule for my rehearsals has got me feeling so appreciative of all my hard work. Every year I make new goals, and I’ve manage to accomplish every one. My one and only dream is to live with my man in germany and start a life. It’s simple, but yet not so simple, but i’m planning on just taking the risk and doing what i want for myself to make me happy.


Day one of rehearsals today, working for the royal Shakespeare’s company. It was a crazy but not too manic day, i’m super tired due to not getting much sleep. I was constantly rolling over thinking about my love and about starting this new journey. I’m going to have to meditate tonight to relax myself before i sleep, actually writing this blog is whining me right down. I’ve just gone over all the music we learnt today and it was so overwhelming, ahhh! There was so much information in one day that I literally can not think right now. I need water!! To keep that face fresh you have to drink so much water! You will surprised with how much drinking water makes your skin look fresh! My skin is awful at the moment from drinking way too much alcohol over the Christmas period, but I’ll say i had the best holiday break.

I reminded myself about staying patient today, it’s so important to stay calm and not to pull yourself down because you can’t get something right away. The only person rushing and forcing yourself is only yourself. It’s nice that you are so passionate but you shouldn’t put yourself down when you have only just mastered something, practice makes perfect and there is always time.

A few new in items i loved this week.

I’m not feeling sale hunting, i look for what i love and if its on sale then I’m happy and if not, then i still think it’s worth buying something if you know you will wear it all the time.

Miss Selfridge grey bobble sleeve jump £31, just a causal added cute textured cosy jumper to wear all the time. I mean all the time.

Topshop jacquard bed jacket £32, this is different and not usually what i would wear; how do i not know if i don’t try on,eh; but i have a similar blouse from monki, but i love this colour and they have it in pink!

I love this Topshop whipstitch ‘love’ slogan jumper £39, something about this just i just love, especially with the added ‘love’ slogan on the sleeve is so cool and original.

Topshop sued country skirt £95, its real suede and can we risk it, i think so many of you beautiful women would look hot in this. It is short indeed but maybe for a night out or a romantic date. Change it up and get those legs out!

Good Night all or good day or good afternoon!

Keep shining its 2018



Lets Live 2018

Is it just me or do you all who write blogs or love reading blogs, love drinking tea whilst doing so? Maybe wine.


Bringing new-ness into 2018. I really want to try/do new things in my spare time. I want to keep my energies running free with all the amazing things there are in life. I think going on tour next year will give me the opportunity to change things up and go with the flow. I want to be able to make sure i tell myself everyday that i am capable of all the tasks i take on, and i think you sexy women are too. We can do this, we can make next year the best year we want it to be. I know everyone says, “why does it take New Years for people to change their ways”, no, we will continue to be the amazing women we are but we are going to add extra amazing assets to our life and personality. I just want to smileeeeeee everyday! Which is impossible. Nothing is impossible, but life is not easy. If life was easy, we will have everything we needed and be lazy as hell!

Make sure you bring that full you into 2018, lets not hold back on thoughts and feelings. Let embrace every situation and be in control of how we react to these situations. Staying calm when you think a storm is about to blow. When you stay calm in stressful situations, you win! Be in control of yourself, there is actually no reason why we should not. No one can control us, right!

Shall we try and be nicer to the people around us and start giving off nice gestures as much as possible. It doesn’t just bring positivity to you but it makes you a stronger/beautiful women. Lets just be excited about the amazing person that we are all going to be next year! Lets dress up everyday and show them how we run our own catwalk, we have our own runway and we are going to run that walk. Yes yes yes! I’m feeling so inspired and i love that feeling. We don’t just have that simple career, simple love and simple family. We are not simple. Please try and travel as much as you can next year and do the biggest thing you’ve ever wanted to do, save up and do it!

Can we just eat, and live how we want to live. Lets not stress this year about how we look because i think this year really set me high on emotions from all those fake instagram post. It’s crazy, we don’t all have to look social media acceptable. It’s all rubbish. You in that mirror is acceptable. I’m going to eat and drink what i love, but in moderations. I’m going work out 3 times a week and chill the hell out! We can’t spend years of our life missing out on that cake we wanted! I’m currently laughing at my own joke. Laugh more.

We Like To Party !!

Lets smile, one more day left of 2017!

Samara XOXO