Crystals, New People and Spontaneous Shopping Trips

I’ve been trying to find a lot of me time recently and it hasn’t been the easiest when I’ve been at work everyday for 9 hours, 6 days a week. I feel slightly suffocated when I’m around the same people 24/7, it can be hard to be patient with different people, as we are all trying to get to know each other still. I am only 2 months in to my contract and it’s been hard to let people in bit by bit when i know i have to spend the next 18 months with them. It’s always natural to make a closer bond with a couple of people, as its human. I think it’s important to stick to those natural connections and surround yourself with those people who you feel closer with because they will keep you smiling. I also think it’s important to keep that effort with the rest of your employees because it is polite and it should really not affect your own energy.I learnt that i need to make sure i do a couple of things a week that keep me in track with myself, even if its spread out during the week and i go for that coffee date or cinema trip to just forget about work and zone out. I realised i really neeeed this! We all need to just find that calm in all of the drama in our crazy life. Ah, i read about our every day shower can be therapeutic, as in we rush and make getting ready just a casual routine and it’s always rushed for us to get out of the house. But if you really try to make sure you make enough time to enjoy your shower and get ready, with some music in the background, feeling the water against your skin. Showering should be therapeutic, make it part of the day where you just you can’t wait to shower or bathe. Make it a breather for you to wake yourself up or to wind you down after a long day. Showering should be one of your favourite times of the day!img_1006I bought a rose quartz crystal and a dream catcher last week sunday. The rose quartz represents unconditional love and self-love, so I’m trying to really work on self-love this year by just really appreciating who i am and realising that i am beautiful and sexy. I mean I found it very strange to even write that down. So, women there is always a start, get that pen and paper and write it down. See how you feel, say it aloud and see how you feel. We have to work on actually feeling it without becoming arrogant, but single ladies once you embrace that beauty you will find your match. Surprisingly it all goes down hill again when you get into relationships because you want to just impress your partner naturally and be that sexy lady, but that is all just your natural thoughts starting going crazy. Just stay calm because your man is with you because you are sexy and beautiful, embrace it with your partner. Walk around him with a smile and shake that booty whilst you walk, he will always be happy if you are, End of!I was browsing around the shops with my friend and decided to just buy clothes to go out that night; this is not the first time I’ve just bought clothes there and then and changed in the changing rooms for the night, we was in decent clothes but we wanted something to wear straight away to hit the bars. Please tell me, we are not the only ones who have done this? So we got some bottles and then went back to hers to get ready and then we didn’t even leave the house!!! Hilarious, we just sat there drinking and chatting to her house mate. It was so perfect, with our favourite tunes in the background. So women, always go with the flow because now i have a spare sexy outfit ready for a cheeky night out. I feel this is going to be the norm whilst travelling, Woopsy!We need to get out more often. Be free.XOXOSamara

Vintage Style Works Well, Forever

This year; is nearly over, HOWWWW!?; I experimented with different styles and

British Vogue Magazine

prints to find what suited me, due to my Afro, what I didn’t expect is that the 80s/90s style is so me and it tends to suit a lot of you chic beautiful women. Put on something stylish this winter season and show the world how you explore fashion with your own body. The style of clothes you probably wouldn’t dream of trying on, is most likely a style that will suit you more than you thought. Go on, I dear you! Pick up a random selection of clothing items in a store that you love the look of, of course, and try it on. You will be surprised with how much it changes your look. SUPERSTAR!

There’s so much styles to look at these days, and they all go round in a circle! From stripes, florals, leathers, suedes and velour/crushed velvet. Try adding some textures to your style as well. My daily outfits always tend to involve different textures from head to toe; it’s crazy; I never noticed until someone pointed it out to me. But it’s sooo true.

Here are some picks I have in my wardrobe and new in items I loved online.


This throw over kimono, adds some glam to a basic jean and t-shirt outfit. Why not throw this on top and wack a pair of heels on when you cant find a outfit to wear. Such a beautiful quick fashion tip.


This is a brave beautiful statement, I use to hate wide leg trousers but if you find the right fit around the bum and legs you can look so sexy its unreal, so try go for a wide leg that fits snug around the top half of your legs, it will insinuate you figure.



This t-shirt dress has so much flare and style to it, keeping the vintage old school look. But yet can look so glam. Again, I use to hate stripes until i bought this and realised how fashionable and cool I looked. I say get the legs out with this t-shirt on a night out, and watch the compliments flow by.


Such a beautiful addition to a basic outfit again, these little details make the fashion. There is not much to say but this is such a day into evening item and can be worn all seasons round, I assume.



Love love love these. These pants are soooooo cool! Put these on with a cropped top or a black long sleeve turtle neck body and you are ready for that cozy day out. Get some vans on with these or some comfy trainers.



Now this is a edgy funky chic look, such a brave statment. Can be worn with heels or trainers, wack on a cropped jumper and a bouji hat and your outfit is sorted!!


There you have it, some hangover new in online finds that I loved. Yes, I am dying today. I had way too much cocktails last night, that’s why I’m posting at 23:33 at night #DEDICATION !



Let’s Explore And Meet New People

Just expressing some thoughts.

Exploring and travelling is a great way to find who you are. I moved to Germany 3 years ago to work. OMGOSH, that feeling before moving to another country; away from family and friends; was not cute, it was freaking my head out. I thought I wan’t strong enough to do something like this. Something in me said “you have to do this, go and live”. That was it, in a blink of an eye I was in Germany learning how to skate and was taught how to sing in another language. Crazy, right! The things we put our minds too, its all possible.

The main focus of this blog is not the people you leave; because they already love the real you; but the people you meet. It’s so exiting meeting new faces, it’s one of my favourite things to do. When you engage in conversations with people you don’t know, you’ll end up naturally exploring the simple questions that they are asking you about yourself, questions that you’d never sit down and think about. The questions they ask you and the way you respond is the real you. You may be shy or excited, but that’s how you naturally socialise. Your reactions to new people is your natural instincts, some people protect and some people are open, we are all different and amazing! This is us out of our own comfort zone, challenging the true inner self, ahhhh it’s all so exciting to me!

Do we naturally judge? Do we like judging before we meet people?

I don’t think people judge in spiteful way (Lets not be negative, if they haven’t even  offended you, if so, then that’s their issue, not yours), I think it’s natural to judge people and we always seem to melt to the people that remind them of ourselves. Remember, you don’t need to impress people because they will naturally enjoy your energy, flare and in the end they will surround themselves around you with out you even trying. Smiling is always a warm welcome to people. Don’t rush trying finding out about people lives, you really don’t need to. The beautiful souls that you find interesting will naturally open themselves to you. We are not silly, our bodies know straight away when somebody makes us feel comfortable. Just enjoy it, LOVE meeting new people. Tell yourself that you LOVE meeting new people.

Do you love meeting new people? Let me know about your experiences.



I’m always finding ways to make myself happy and do you know what? I really want you to do the same for yourself, make time for you as its so important. Even if it includes family, and friends and loved ones. I get these feelings once a week where I get really down for no reason. I suffer with mild anxiety from time to time since very young age, and I’m sure most of you beautiful women do too. When I was younger I always wondered why I cried so much and why I was always hyper sensitive. Now its part of who I am and it’s time for me to embrace it. I say this, but when that same feeling comes again next week I end up not knowing what’s wrong. You will laugh, but most of the time I’m just HANGRY (hungry/angry).

So beauties, if you are feeling something else either than happiness, stay with that emotion and enjoy it. Go get some treats and do something that always brings that smile to that face of yours. You are allowed to treat yourself, you know. Who says you can’t? You are only in war with yourself, really! You are your own battle. Once you come in peace with your own war, you will see freedom in that powerful mind of yours.