My Favourite ASOS New Ins

Take some time out today and meditate, ask for what you want and know everything will come to you with time and patience.

Found on ASOS new in.

BOOHOO check culotte – £25

These culottes are so cute, I’ve got long legs so I feel they would only look really good with heels on because I hate my legs being cut off by midi clothed items. All you beautiful women can rock these with trainers and heels. These culottes are soooooo cute, retro and fashionable! Darling, for £25, how could you go wrong.




NEW LOOK Patent boots £32.99

So, I always have a pair of patent boots and I usually get mine from top shop or river island but I’m not going to lie they always end up breaking because I wear heel boots religiously. These ones are not too pricey and you wont feel as bad if they don’t last you a lifetime. If you are not a fan of patent, you can get some identical ones in leather from Zara and most high street stores.


PUMA CALI trainers – £70

I love these trainers. I haven’t purchased them yet but they come in black and white with a two-tone clash sole. They are so cool, (I’m so in love with them, can you tell?). I think I’m going to wait until after Christmas to get them because I’m loving boots in this cold weather at the moment. Puma you rock!

Are you a adidas, puma or nike sort of person?


TRUE DECADENCE earrings – £10

I’m always in a earring, with out doubt everyday single day I wear an earring. Even if I’m just going to work to then take them off straight away haha. I would say I’m definitely an jewellery fanatic; to the point where if I left the house with no earrings on I would feel so bare. Back to these earrings, the pink diamond jewel is so pretty complimenting the white diamonds. Subtle as I would say but showy. I would match these up with a white blouse tucked into a jean and a classic blazer.


ASOS DESIGNE sequin kimono – £85

Okay now, this is very bold and brave look; i guess its not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely something I would recommend for this festive season. Honey, you could wear this with a classic black tee with jeans or leggings; just whack this kimono over the top! You will get all the compliments. Don’t we just love sequins. I dare you, go and purchase a sequin this winter if you haven’t already! The green at the bottom is so festive; can it be Christmas already hahah.

ASOS DESIGN midi dress – £85

See now, this is not particularly my style; actually if I did pick this up to buy and it fitted well I would 100% wear this. I don’t really wear green to be honest but if you do this beautiful vintage themed styled dress is so beautiful! I can imagine it on so many beautiful women. Who wants me to buy it and get a picture up in it? Let me know by clicking the comment section and commenting YES.

VERO MODA Blouses – £26 each 

I adore these blouses so much; from the flare tie sleeves to the ruffled tie neck. It is such a classic look but yet so trendy. Pair these blouses with skirts, jeans and trousers. I would say these blouses are my top two wardrobe items.




Last but not least, this cosy lounge wear set; which you could definitely wear as pjs, look so cosy and snuggly. Imagine sitting by the fire at home with a glass of wine or hot chocolate, life couldn’t get any better right!

Love you all


Day To Day Thinking


Train delays. You’ve been annoying.

TfL have been awful this week and the funny thing is, we can’t doing anything about it. We just have to accept that we will be late for work but i can always see the stress in everyone’s faces. Everyone who was on my tube is most likely to be late as-well, so technically we are never alone. I’m so happy I had 9 hours sleep some nights, also my body is dying from head to toe from the amazing routines I’ve learnt for the show this week. I always know when I can’t sit on the toilet seat with out holding on to something that i have worked hard. It’s been an intense week for me with rehearsals, I’ve been wearing my sports wear all week! Yesterday my anxiety was really high and when it is i always want to blame it on the contraceptive pill; that plays with our hormones; because we shouldn’t really be putting that into our bodies but we all do anyway, Ha! It’s so not good for our hormones (slight breakdown). I realised i just needed more food and more rest because my body needed fuel to keep me strong whilst working out more than it’s used to. So always remember that when you get emotional make sure you eat a massive meal, have some tea and sleep!!!! Please beauty queens, before you have a BREAKDOWN. Diva in the house.

I hate when i stress about little things in advance before the event has even happened or trying to work out a situation that isn’t even there. Why am i making up the worst scenario/Hollywood movie in my head, when nothing has even happened yet. I’m always planning on the worst stuff to happen. Why do i care so much, when nothing has even happened? I seem we all can tend to just make up situations in our head when that wasn’t exactly what happened, we over analyse every step and moment! I need to just leave it at where it is because in the end no one actually cares, only i do. Even my body, i was comparing myself to others all week, as most of us do as performers, we tend to always be looking for that ”dancer body’ or we assume we wont get hired for a job, that’s all rubbish! No one actually really cares about size, they just want to see our talent, but once we believe in ourself truly, they’re not even looking for that. Of course for performers it is casted our looks; that makes it harder for us; to make sure everyone looks good together as a company, but that’s not our issue to worry about and the next job will be round the corner.

Lets take a breath this weekend and forget our everything. Lets just live and eattttt!!!!

I ordered some moreeee clothes yesterday!!! Asos at its finest.

I’m so excited to get wearing these during my rehearsals, the snake-skin print leggings blend in with my skin tone and I’m soooo impressed with the quality of them. I’ve always loved a Bershka running leggings, I’ve had a pair for 2 year and they’ve lasted so long! The quality must be good to last as long as that! So excited to get dancing around in these. Who doesn’t love a print!?

Yes yes yes to black! If you don’t know what to wear, choose black! This is 100% a sexy number, if you are brave enough get this outfit on with some black skinny jeans. This outfit is for a night out to a date night with your loved one/friends. Always nice to change things up. I love a bell sleeve and an off shoulder!

Thank you for ready you crazy fun ladies!



Vintage Style Works Well, Forever

This year; is nearly over, HOWWWW!?; I experimented with different styles and

British Vogue Magazine

prints to find what suited me, due to my Afro, what I didn’t expect is that the 80s/90s style is so me and it tends to suit a lot of you chic beautiful women. Put on something stylish this winter season and show the world how you explore fashion with your own body. The style of clothes you probably wouldn’t dream of trying on, is most likely a style that will suit you more than you thought. Go on, I dear you! Pick up a random selection of clothing items in a store that you love the look of, of course, and try it on. You will be surprised with how much it changes your look. SUPERSTAR!

There’s so much styles to look at these days, and they all go round in a circle! From stripes, florals, leathers, suedes and velour/crushed velvet. Try adding some textures to your style as well. My daily outfits always tend to involve different textures from head to toe; it’s crazy; I never noticed until someone pointed it out to me. But it’s sooo true.

Here are some picks I have in my wardrobe and new in items I loved online.


This throw over kimono, adds some glam to a basic jean and t-shirt outfit. Why not throw this on top and wack a pair of heels on when you cant find a outfit to wear. Such a beautiful quick fashion tip.


This is a brave beautiful statement, I use to hate wide leg trousers but if you find the right fit around the bum and legs you can look so sexy its unreal, so try go for a wide leg that fits snug around the top half of your legs, it will insinuate you figure.



This t-shirt dress has so much flare and style to it, keeping the vintage old school look. But yet can look so glam. Again, I use to hate stripes until i bought this and realised how fashionable and cool I looked. I say get the legs out with this t-shirt on a night out, and watch the compliments flow by.


Such a beautiful addition to a basic outfit again, these little details make the fashion. There is not much to say but this is such a day into evening item and can be worn all seasons round, I assume.



Love love love these. These pants are soooooo cool! Put these on with a cropped top or a black long sleeve turtle neck body and you are ready for that cozy day out. Get some vans on with these or some comfy trainers.



Now this is a edgy funky chic look, such a brave statment. Can be worn with heels or trainers, wack on a cropped jumper and a bouji hat and your outfit is sorted!!


There you have it, some hangover new in online finds that I loved. Yes, I am dying today. I had way too much cocktails last night, that’s why I’m posting at 23:33 at night #DEDICATION !



Brave, Bold And Fabulous


“Be the star, be the queen, be who you are, just smile and be free” s.c


Versace Spring/Summer 2018


I always have the idea in my head of walking into a stunning soiree and wanting to feel like a star. Even if its drinks with my friends, I just love to make effort. I just spend the whole night having a good time because I know I’ve made an effort. We all know those times when you get the dress code wrong for an event or party and you feel uncomfortable the whole night, but if you put on your glam outfits and your best ones then there is no excuse.

I’ve got a major obsession with sparkles and glitter, its crazy! People always say that not everyone can pull it off, “I object Honour”, I feel like if you find the right style of sparkles that suit you everything will be fine. It’s in all the high street stores at the moment, from dresses to jumpsuits, EVERYTHING! I mean it is the most fabulous time of the year.


One Shoulder Animal Sequin Dress


RAGYARD T-shirt Sequin Dress 


John Zack Glitter Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit 


Glitter Track Trousers With Side Strip




That was a collection from ASOS. Don’t we love to glam outfits up these days so I’ve found a lush pair heels and shiny earrings! I mean if your going to wear sparkles and glitters than bath in it or just add these accessories to a basic black dress. #lushbathbombs. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Monki Earrings and Lost Ink heels