Let’s Explore And Meet New People

Just expressing some thoughts.

Exploring and travelling is a great way to find who you are. I moved to Germany 3 years ago to work. OMGOSH, that feeling before moving to another country; away from family and friends; was not cute, it was freaking my head out. I thought I wan’t strong enough to do something like this. Something in me said “you have to do this, go and live”. That was it, in a blink of an eye I was in Germany learning how to skate and was taught how to sing in another language. Crazy, right! The things we put our minds too, its all possible.

The main focus of this blog is not the people you leave; because they already love the real you; but the people you meet. It’s so exiting meeting new faces, it’s one of my favourite things to do. When you engage in conversations with people you don’t know, you’ll end up naturally exploring the simple questions that they are asking you about yourself, questions that you’d never sit down and think about. The questions they ask you and the way you respond is the real you. You may be shy or excited, but that’s how you naturally socialise. Your reactions to new people is your natural instincts, some people protect and some people are open, we are all different and amazing! This is us out of our own comfort zone, challenging the true inner self, ahhhh it’s all so exciting to me!

Do we naturally judge? Do we like judging before we meet people?

I don’t think people judge in spiteful way (Lets not be negative, if they haven’t even  offended you, if so, then that’s their issue, not yours), I think it’s natural to judge people and we always seem to melt to the people that remind them of ourselves. Remember, you don’t need to impress people because they will naturally enjoy your energy, flare and in the end they will surround themselves around you with out you even trying. Smiling is always a warm welcome to people. Don’t rush trying finding out about people lives, you really don’t need to. The beautiful souls that you find interesting will naturally open themselves to you. We are not silly, our bodies know straight away when somebody makes us feel comfortable. Just enjoy it, LOVE meeting new people. Tell yourself that you LOVE meeting new people.

Do you love meeting new people? Let me know about your experiences.



I’m always finding ways to make myself happy and do you know what? I really want you to do the same for yourself, make time for you as its so important. Even if it includes family, and friends and loved ones. I get these feelings once a week where I get really down for no reason. I suffer with mild anxiety from time to time since very young age, and I’m sure most of you beautiful women do too. When I was younger I always wondered why I cried so much and why I was always hyper sensitive. Now its part of who I am and it’s time for me to embrace it. I say this, but when that same feeling comes again next week I end up not knowing what’s wrong. You will laugh, but most of the time I’m just HANGRY (hungry/angry).

So beauties, if you are feeling something else either than happiness, stay with that emotion and enjoy it. Go get some treats and do something that always brings that smile to that face of yours. You are allowed to treat yourself, you know. Who says you can’t? You are only in war with yourself, really! You are your own battle. Once you come in peace with your own war, you will see freedom in that powerful mind of yours.



Brave, Bold And Fabulous


“Be the star, be the queen, be who you are, just smile and be free” s.c


Versace Spring/Summer 2018


I always have the idea in my head of walking into a stunning soiree and wanting to feel like a star. Even if its drinks with my friends, I just love to make effort. I just spend the whole night having a good time because I know I’ve made an effort. We all know those times when you get the dress code wrong for an event or party and you feel uncomfortable the whole night, but if you put on your glam outfits and your best ones then there is no excuse.

I’ve got a major obsession with sparkles and glitter, its crazy! People always say that not everyone can pull it off, “I object Honour”, I feel like if you find the right style of sparkles that suit you everything will be fine. It’s in all the high street stores at the moment, from dresses to jumpsuits, EVERYTHING! I mean it is the most fabulous time of the year.


One Shoulder Animal Sequin Dress


RAGYARD T-shirt Sequin Dress 


John Zack Glitter Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit 


Glitter Track Trousers With Side Strip




That was a collection from ASOS. Don’t we love to glam outfits up these days so I’ve found a lush pair heels and shiny earrings! I mean if your going to wear sparkles and glitters than bath in it or just add these accessories to a basic black dress. #lushbathbombs. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Monki Earrings and Lost Ink heels 




Do What YOU Want To Do



I was rolling about all night urging to get up and to get writing, I haven’t had this alive feeling in a very long time. I really want you sexy women out there to do something you’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been wanting to write for about 6 months now, I was researching into what to do and all the best solutions was to just write, easy right. The only advice out there is, JUST DO IT! (So Nike)

Do you had any interests you’ve been wanting to do or a hobby that you’ve always wanted to start? I.e skating (yes i skate), drawing, studying yoga or just practising, writing a book. There’s so many fascinating things to do in the world. I’m sure you have something in the back of that amazing brain of yours, 100%. Well today could be the day, why don’t you do some reasearch or go book a class, just find some time, get up and as I said earlier, “DO IT”. Even if you’re doing a yoga class on YouTube (FYI they are the best).

I get this feeling of euphoria and I feel so content doing something so simple but yet so adventurous. I bet you’ll start to feel this feeling of worth and choosing what you really want to do is your calling in life, Oh gosh, I’m getting all deep and dramatic. New things are exciting! Remember when you was young and you found so much things to do before all the social media crap came into business. Now we can use the new “2017” social excitement to infuse in stuff we loved to do when we was growing up! How exciting is that? “It is what it is”, I say.


I have some cute work out and yoga wear I would love to share with you today.

I love a matching set and Fabletics always seem to just “DO IT” right, I tend to like blacks and Nudy pinks, but blacks make you look slimmer apparently. As a dancer we all tend to wear a lot of black clothing, also you can totes wear these in the day if you’re in a comfy mood with some converses or trainers, just throw a jumper over the top. You can find these items on Fabletic.com


MY FAVOURITE SPORTS BRANDDDDDD!! You can feel my excitement right.

  1. We have the Adidas Originals black and white print. This outfit can be worn at the gym or to adance class. So funky!
  2. We’ve got the classy culottes pants, the material of these are so sung, you can wear it outdoors, indoors or just to go shopping.  Such a chill out outfit right.
  3. The classic Adidas shorts and jumper duo. You can mix and match these items with any day wear. I love working out in shorts, I just feel free as I get so hot in the gym and I can’t stand feeling clostaphobic
  4. We have Samara’s everyday rehearsal style outfit choice, which is the classic running shorts and a snazzy cropped top. Ready for any sort of sporty class.

You can find all these items on ASOS, have a browse lovelies.

There you have it, feel motivated in a snazzy urban or classy sports outfit to motivate you in everything you do. We don’t have to be stuck in jeans or a suit everyday. We can switch it up because we are fabulous stylish women. It’s soooooo easy! Get exploring.

“You are capable of anything you put your mind too”



Get Up And Do Something Different


Sheeees Back..I get these urges of wanting to do something or express myself otherwise I feel lazy and get depressed. I guess we all get that feeling right?


I find it so hard to relax or to stay bed bound, I physically cant stay in the house all day or I go loony. I’m someone who needs to burn energy, so now I try go for walks or to the gym in my spare time in-between jobs before I start work because I tend to start work/shows in the evenings. Sometimes I do pray for a 9 to 5, so i can get my life into a routine.

Shoes are such a beautiful addition to someones personality. I went through a phase of always wearing heel boots everyday as I love the idea of adding inches to myself. I mean, I’m wearing heel boots in Starbucks writing this now #casual. But girl, its winter season now so get some edgy boots, its doesn’t have to be pricey but find some styles you like. Ive just bought these leather ankle fake pearl boots from Zara.


There’re cool right, I love that edgy style with some glam glam to it. Little added details to shoes always brings out the style in you, probably you thought you never had. So wack on some tights (or not) and a leather skirt with a off the shoulder jumper and you are DONE. GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE.


It started snowing this week and last in Europe and it’s been a while since we’ve had a white Christmas. I love cities covered in snow.


Top left we have the classic hunter boots, you can buy variations and different colours online or in stores. Just for fun in the snow.

Botton left we have the sleek sexy heels for nights out with a sexy dress or trouser/suit, you can dress it up with these nude back lace boots from Public Desire, found on ASOS.

Last but not least (why do people day that?), is patent heel block boots from my favourite shoes store ALDO, these boots you can wear all day into a bouji night.

Funk it up this season and see what boots you can find or purchase and get them on ASAP. Just put them on and meet up with friends for coffee or martinis #PornstarPlease, its very important to talk to the people who love you and who you love. Spend time with the people who make time for you. You will feel great, don’t dwell in bed or at home until its time to do something, make something happen. Be alive and LIVE.




Christmas Feels


We all love the white, cold and light Christmas happiness. This is the time we all wake up feeling it, BRRRRR!


So lets buy some some cosy indoor fluffy socks and lets get the COZY pjs out.

Get your best friend or your lover and get out the mulled wine. I personally love mulled wine and amaretto, you have to try it.

Get up and go to any Christmas markets (Winter wonderland) , or travel via Germany you will be in awe as they have the best Christmas markets in every city. We love to eat, lets admit it, German sausages go down a treat with some chips, oh and yes chocolate covered apples, bananas and churros with Nutella!! I’m making you hungry, i know it.

Go and read a book in coffee shops, it keeps you warm and gets you out. Totally the season to read more as well.

Go for walks in the snow, in locals forests or parks. So beautiful.

I always wondered why people say their mood changes like the weather because they still on the high from summer/autumn. But really its all in our mind. Embrace and feel it, or invest in a mini fireplace and make this season your favourite. It gives you chances to go ice skating and to go on walks in towns and see all the Christmas lights. Summer doesn’t bring that.

Ohhhhhh! I’m going to focus more on the online shopping websites in most of my blogs and ASOS is perfect as I’m always travelling, their website is soooo easy to use as it’s full of all my favourite shops.

Here’s a few items to mix up your wardrobe and fix your personality this winter!


ASOS Frill Cuff Long Sleeves

Add on sleeves which is a fabulous accessorie to summer bandeau tops.


ASOS Chubby Vintage Faux Fur Coat

VINATGEEEEEEEE, A cropped fur jacket is always necessary in your wardrobe, the lighter the colours of the jacket the more they suit everyday wear. Pink and grey is the one.


Religion Long line Coat In Cow Print Faux Fur

This is a statement brave cow print long line coat to add some edge to your collection.


Only Leather Look Skinny Jeans

A lovely coated skinny jean is just what you need in winter, throw on with basic T-shirts or dress it up with heels.


TTYA Black Bonded Velvet Sweetheart Bandeau Maxi Dress With Thigh Split

A glam dress for any Christmas bouji events you have coming up, Christmas or New Year’s.


ASOS LOUNGE Velvet Velour Off Shoulder Sweat

Lounge wear is so comfy, in doors and sometimes out doors or you can wear to bed. You decide!


Club L Allover Embellished Detail Mini Dress

A sparkle number always is the one on nights out!! Girl put the fur on top and you are ready!

P.S Get up and do something today, Smile and give someone a compliment. Go on, don’t be shy! Be the best you can be.