My 18 Month UK Tour Life Is About To Start Today

I start my tour life very soon and I’m so excited/very nervous to leave London again. I got use to having everyone around, accept from my love, so now i can make an excuse with going on tour, saying it is going to bring me one step closer to being and living with my man in the end. I’m excited to see as much of the UK/ Ireland as possible.

The cities I’ll be visiting on tour is

  • Leicester
  • Dublin
  • Sunderland
  • Milton Keynes
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Cardiff
  • Plymouth
  • Bradford
  • Edinburgh
  • Bristol
  • Southampton
  • Norwich

Starting my travels Leicester first, I’m got on the train yesterday afternoon, and then i had a tasty curry for one of our cast members birthday and then i was suppose to do a Tesco online shop (very lazy), but in the end i will do one tonight and hopefully pre cook and then start wake up and do a workout before work tomorrow morning. I have joined ‘The Gym’, which is a chain branch gym that is located. all over the UK. Lucky me. Lets keep fit. I mean, with rehearsals I’ve only been to the gym once. I feel heavy! It’s time to keep our bodies healthy so we can eat what we like.

Packing is the Bain of my life, i just want to bring my whole wardrobe. But i do forget that sometimes we can just buy clothes in certain cities and buy outfits for night outs. So I brought all my old night out outfits and i shall be wearing them as casual!!! Haha. The life i guess. I’ve packed all the rehearsal and cosy wear as possible. 1 big suitcase and one normal size suitcase. Large and medium. Does anyone else find it hard to pack? If someone says you are going away for 18 months, go pack a suitcase, i think you would slightly freak out too. It’s all about enjoying my experience and feeling great with keeping myself smiling.

I did say to myself i wont buy too much because i will be touring. Well, i lied to myself because I’ve purchased a few cute bits from Zara and Miss Selfridge.


These Zara items work so well together, we all love a black body that holds us in without any lumps and bumps going on. Then these beautiful pants which fit snug around the waist accentuating your beautiful hips and then they slowly flare at the bottom stopping by the ankle.


Again Zara coat and some snazzy heels. These heels are sooo comfy, i would 100% recommend buying for when you are out having some cute cocktails or on a silly date. I will now live in this coat on tour, i love it! I mean it’s not the warmest but that’s what layers are for i guess. On tour I can’t pack all my amazing fur coats, as they take up so much room. The fuss!


Miss Selfridge high-waisted bag style pants and H&M cross style cropped top. I wore this outfit out Saturday night and it was my last night out before i started my journeys. These pants fit tight on the lower part of my legs with a slight loose fit style added around the thighs, gathering at the waist. They are in the petite section, but i am 5’6 ahaha, so i felt very slim when i was wearing these pants. It’s supposed to be a loose fit but not on me, but i like it. I always find some cute buys in H&M, but people say it’s a hit and miss store. Oh well. I love it.


Guys, keep updated with my post and bear with me. I will make a regular schedule and totally stick to it. Ive been so busy and caught up in life recently in life so bear with. I think its a good thing that life has been keeping me on my toes.

Samara XOXO


Allow life to keep throwing us challenges, otherwise we won’t grow.

Two is never enough! Keep shining, it’s been a long amazing month and a great opening to 2018. New exciting posts to be featuring on my blog soon. We are capable of so much more than we think!

Thank you for being patient, I’ve had a crazy but challenging start to the year and it’s only the beginning, I’m so excited for the rest of the challenged ahead. Stronger and stronger we all go. Living my life as much a possible. Do you.

Rest In Peace Uncle 🖤

My Life Is Theatre

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One of the safest places to be in the world is the stage – Frank Langella 

Last week was so challenging for my colleagues and myself. I had to really try to not let unhappy people around me affect my own happy bubble. When doing a new project we always tend to find the faults in the good things we manage to complete and keep telling ourself that we aren’t good enough yet because we just want to do our best. We always want the best results straight away, especially as a performer i think our directors and creatives always expect to see the best of best results right away otherwise they can’t see their own work, that’s why it’s a little tricky for dancers as we have to make sure once we have learnt something, we then have to remember it and do it right away after being taught. I think our creatives do know it will take us time but most performers end up constantly trying to impress them instead of believing that their 100% is enough. Eventually we all tend to put ourselves down when we seem to just mess the little things up, which is natural. I feel we shouldn’t get so wound up about it because in the end the show will open and we will all be amazing, everything always falls into place if you have given your full commitment. When you know you are working hard enough and doing what you need to do best, then everything is going to be okay. So what if you get given notes or feedback, you need it! It will help you to be better. Try to look at how other amazing people around you work and try to take little things from them that you love and put it into your practice, we all learn from talented people, because these are the people who motivate us. I’m working with kids at the moment and their enthusiasm is insane, these kids are little ninjas and sometimes i think they can handle situation 10 times better than we do because they are happy with what they are doing. They are an inspiration to watch, they just go for it without any thinking or stress. Kids will always live in the moment.

I feel like all we need is an extra day of work to get some head space. Go and watch some theatre and tell me if you enjoyed it. Performers always tend to want to move and emotionally connect with out audiences and without an audience we don’t get to do what we do best. I watched ‘Five Guys Named Moe‘ last week with a few of my friends in it, and i just couldn’t stop singing, laughing and dancing all night, if you want a good night out with a couple of friends, this is the show to go for. I had two-day weekend for the first time and i watched ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child‘, it was insaneeee! The play takes you to another place you have never felt before; with constant awe and amazement; it was like I wasn’t watching a play but i was in fact watching a film live in action because it was so graphic. Please find some time and a friend to go watch this show, its indescribable. Harry Potter is a two-part show, so do expect a long but worth it day or you can just watch the first and second part different days. Your choice! So when you find that extra day off work, instead of doing those annoying house chores, get out and go and watch a show in the West end! I have to promote what i do because i don’t put in this much hard work in for no reason.

All about feeling cosy and making trips to the theatre, try the Monki new in collection!

Here’s some of my faves
Green Sporty Classic Pants – £25
Cropped Knit Sweater – £25
Flowy Flare Trousers High Waisted – £30
Soft Cosy Jumpsuit – £35

Thank you for reading! I hope you book a show asap. Haha

XOXO Samara

Don’t Let Others Defeat You

No one can defeat you or me!!

Being free and going with your natural instincts is so beautiful to feel. No one knows you as much as you know yourself. If someone doesn’t understand you, they still need to respect you, and the same as to you as-well, if you don’t understand someone’s ways, you should still respect that person. Everyone has their own story, but I will never agree with someone purposely disrespecting or talking down to someone. It’s not on! I would love for you all to speak up and voice your opinion at some point, so if you see someone within your workspace being treated unequally, please speak up or take note. Yes, Make sure you haven’t been the person who is victimising others. I know we’re not all perfect, but being happy and confident is perfect in my eyes.

Let’s give compliments and lift each other. We are always told we are not doing things right, but I think some people may forget to notice or compliment the great things you have achieved. Who says you can’t give yourself compliments, it’s better from your inner self then a stranger, Let’s be honest.

Love and kisses. It’s been a hard week but inspirational week.




My cinema trip this afternoon was so well deserved with some popcorn and a beautiful friend. I watched COCO and must i say, you have to go see it! It’s a Disney, fun, loving family movie and i would so recommend just taking some time out of your busy schedule to go see it. I know some of you are probably thinking, ‘why would i go and watch a Disney movie’, but i came out of the cinema so happy that i physically can’t describe to you how amazing that movie made me feel. When you watch this film, you will just start thinking about how amazing and important family is to you, even when they are not on your side or don’t agree with half of the decisions you make in life, deep down they will always love you. No matter what, family will always be there to listen. The movie touches on the topic of idolising. When you religiously admire other people’s lifestyle and you really believe that this could be the path for you aswell but ideally you may have a similar career but everyone has their own path and journey, you will never have what another has. We have our own amazing life, but we never see it. The person you are fantasising over isn’t generally happy or having the best life (they might be, but in their eyes, they want more aswell). It’s a vicious circle. How ever shit (excuse my language) you think your life is or however boring you think your life is, it is NOT, someone else you don’t know is admiring your lifestyle. Everyone has an amazing life and family around to support them and if you really don’t, there is always someone you can call upon to help you, but you are the only person who can make your life the life you want. Just enjoy every day you get to live

I was moved this week by a beautiful lady ‘Holly Butcher’, who posted an amazing message for the world to see before she passed away. She just put life right in front of my eyes and reminded me to enjoy every second loving and living the life i want. It is one of the most inspiring letters i have ever read. RIP XOXO

Here is the think to her post.

Holly Butcher



Day To Day Thinking


Train delays. You’ve been annoying.

TfL have been awful this week and the funny thing is, we can’t doing anything about it. We just have to accept that we will be late for work but i can always see the stress in everyone’s faces. Everyone who was on my tube is most likely to be late as-well, so technically we are never alone. I’m so happy I had 9 hours sleep some nights, also my body is dying from head to toe from the amazing routines I’ve learnt for the show this week. I always know when I can’t sit on the toilet seat with out holding on to something that i have worked hard. It’s been an intense week for me with rehearsals, I’ve been wearing my sports wear all week! Yesterday my anxiety was really high and when it is i always want to blame it on the contraceptive pill; that plays with our hormones; because we shouldn’t really be putting that into our bodies but we all do anyway, Ha! It’s so not good for our hormones (slight breakdown). I realised i just needed more food and more rest because my body needed fuel to keep me strong whilst working out more than it’s used to. So always remember that when you get emotional make sure you eat a massive meal, have some tea and sleep!!!! Please beauty queens, before you have a BREAKDOWN. Diva in the house.

I hate when i stress about little things in advance before the event has even happened or trying to work out a situation that isn’t even there. Why am i making up the worst scenario/Hollywood movie in my head, when nothing has even happened yet. I’m always planning on the worst stuff to happen. Why do i care so much, when nothing has even happened? I seem we all can tend to just make up situations in our head when that wasn’t exactly what happened, we over analyse every step and moment! I need to just leave it at where it is because in the end no one actually cares, only i do. Even my body, i was comparing myself to others all week, as most of us do as performers, we tend to always be looking for that ”dancer body’ or we assume we wont get hired for a job, that’s all rubbish! No one actually really cares about size, they just want to see our talent, but once we believe in ourself truly, they’re not even looking for that. Of course for performers it is casted our looks; that makes it harder for us; to make sure everyone looks good together as a company, but that’s not our issue to worry about and the next job will be round the corner.

Lets take a breath this weekend and forget our everything. Lets just live and eattttt!!!!

I ordered some moreeee clothes yesterday!!! Asos at its finest.

I’m so excited to get wearing these during my rehearsals, the snake-skin print leggings blend in with my skin tone and I’m soooo impressed with the quality of them. I’ve always loved a Bershka running leggings, I’ve had a pair for 2 year and they’ve lasted so long! The quality must be good to last as long as that! So excited to get dancing around in these. Who doesn’t love a print!?

Yes yes yes to black! If you don’t know what to wear, choose black! This is 100% a sexy number, if you are brave enough get this outfit on with some black skinny jeans. This outfit is for a night out to a date night with your loved one/friends. Always nice to change things up. I love a bell sleeve and an off shoulder!

Thank you for ready you crazy fun ladies!