About Me

Hey, its Samara Casteallo here (Just warning you, I find myself funny and I’m random as hell).

I’m here to feel life with all you beautiful women out there. Let’s enjoy this new experience together! I’ll be occasionally showing you the latest styles and expressing random things about life while letting you know how you can dress any kind of day. I’ll be reminding all you sassy beautiful women out there about that crown on your head and inspire you to hold it high with your sexy style and smile. Maybe expect an occasional rhyme here and there! Today and everyday I will bring you joy through FASHION, LIFE and DREAMS. I mean, over the top daily quotes!

But.. lets help each other grow and love ourselves daily. Isn’t it so beautiful seeing women supporting each other?

How do you feel today? What did you dream about last night? Not in the mood for heels?

I’m usually smiling and bouncing off the walls to be honest, but not everyday of course. So I will always reminding myself and you…. SO WHAT, ITS OKAY!

A happy women is a beautiful women.