Daily Affirmations

Jumper is Stradivarius, Jeans H&M, boots Topshop.

Look in the mirror and say ‘I Am Beautiful’

Take a minute, to feel what your body is feeling from head to toe. Take a deep breathe and breathe out. Just take a moment.

Ask yourself these questions.

Write down your answers in a journal or anywhere ….

What activities bring you joy?

What do you love about life?

What makes you feel the happiest?

Who can you go to, who can you rely on bring you joy?

What makes you feel beautiful inside?

Remember you can always speak out, and make sure you do. Everyone is experiencing change 24/7, and it’s a beautiful thing. We can’t do everything ourselves, but for ultimate happiness you need to ask yourself a few questions and be honest and answer them from your soul so you can find that self-love that you deserve. You are beautiful.

So eat well, drink well and fill your Heart with goodness to get your blood flowing.

Author: samarasinsights

Hey it’s Samara here, I’m going to be lifting all you beautiful women by showing you my insight of style choices while motivating you to keep smiling and reminding you that you are amazing. You are allowed to feel the way you are feeling, every emotion. Not every day is a good day, but you can control it more than you think! “Keep smiling, keep shining” XOXO SAMARA

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