Making Time For Yourself

Never rush an emotion; everything in life has a rhythm, it is the pauses and silences that speak the truth. – MICHAEL JACKSON

When you travel to new cities, what’s the first things you want to do?


Leicester Carts Lane

I’ve signed up to the ‘The Gym’ which is located all over the UK, so i can go in every city i visit on tour. I’ve already had a lovely stroll around Leicester main city to see what’s around. I’ve looked at a few a cafe’s that offer gluten-free treats, so i can leave my digs (house/apartments you share or live in for a few weeks) and write my blog in different cafe’s. I just love writing in cafe‘s, I suppose! I am usually in theatres all day for tech, for at least 9-10 hours but only for 4 weeks, so i am spending a huge amount of time indoors so its nice to get out and be somewhere different. I love a nice walk to catch some fresh air, so i am enjoying my 20 minute walk to work and back. Some nights I’ve been naughty this week and I’ve been getting taxis back because we popped to the bar after work to relax. I would so recommend a 20 minute daily walk to get some vitamins from the sun, it also keeps your mind at peace. Ever since I’ve started walking to work i do feel a massive difference in the morning. It’s been a very long week for me, it feels like I’ve been in Leicester for 5 weeks already, the days can feel very long indeed. I am currently finding it hard to have a day for myself whilst working especially when i have worked all day, so by the end of the week everything and all my emotions just smack me in the face all at once. I will now try to make a little morning routine and do something else apart from just work, so right now on a Sunday morning i am currently writing. I’ve been so bad the last few weeks, so i need to get into a schedule of publishing! Let me know your thoughts, if you have any ideas.

I am really trying to be decisive and make my own choices at the moment and its going to be a work in progress. I want to be able to know what i want and do what i want without the acknowledgement of others. I’m sure a lot of you have a similar issue at times, i just can’t work out a simple question to myself of what to do, ie. eat out or eat at home, but we generally do know. We just always justify why we shouldn’t and why we should. Let just make some strong decisions and choices this week, I’ll let you know if i managed to! Should i go for a roast today with my cast? EH YES! Should i get my nails done today while I have time? EH DUH! Should i spend more money on things I don’t need? Hahhaha! Yes? See, i told you it gets hard. Now, i am smiling to myself writing a blog that maybe no one reads today, but it makes me happy! So just do what ever you need to do to get a smile on that beautiful face.

Music is the soul of happiness and I’ve realised you really need to try to listen to different genres or just any good feeling song. Try listening to a few of your favourite songs in your lunch breaks or on your way to work, every day when I’m getting ready I’m always playing my favourite artist. Amy Winehouse is a goddess, her music just takes me to a place I didn’t knew even existed. Very dramatic Samara! But seriously i love Amy, with a little bit of Bruno Mars on the side and some old school 70s. Basically think of wedding songs, any song you would play at a wedding, get it on and have a dance around naked, Choose to be happy. Have a browse on Spotify if you have or find some cool playlists on YouTube and try make it part of your routine. Play some Michael Jackson, he is my ultimate favourite artist and always will be.

Have a beautiful day.

Love Samara XOXO

Author: samarasinsights

Hey it’s Samara here, I’m going to be lifting all you beautiful women by showing you my insight of style choices while motivating you to keep smiling and reminding you that you are amazing. You are allowed to feel the way you are feeling, every emotion. Not every day is a good day, but you can control it more than you think! “Keep smiling, keep shining” XOXO SAMARA

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