My 18 Month UK Tour Life Is About To Start Today

I start my tour life very soon and I’m so excited/very nervous to leave London again. I got use to having everyone around, accept from my love, so now i can make an excuse with going on tour, saying it is going to bring me one step closer to being and living with my man in the end. I’m excited to see as much of the UK/ Ireland as possible.

The cities I’ll be visiting on tour is

  • Leicester
  • Dublin
  • Sunderland
  • Milton Keynes
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Cardiff
  • Plymouth
  • Bradford
  • Edinburgh
  • Bristol
  • Southampton
  • Norwich

Starting my travels Leicester first, I’m got on the train yesterday afternoon, and then i had a tasty curry for one of our cast members birthday and then i was suppose to do a Tesco online shop (very lazy), but in the end i will do one tonight and hopefully pre cook and then start wake up and do a workout before work tomorrow morning. I have joined ‘The Gym’, which is a chain branch gym that is located. all over the UK. Lucky me. Lets keep fit. I mean, with rehearsals I’ve only been to the gym once. I feel heavy! It’s time to keep our bodies healthy so we can eat what we like.

Packing is the Bain of my life, i just want to bring my whole wardrobe. But i do forget that sometimes we can just buy clothes in certain cities and buy outfits for night outs. So I brought all my old night out outfits and i shall be wearing them as casual!!! Haha. The life i guess. I’ve packed all the rehearsal and cosy wear as possible. 1 big suitcase and one normal size suitcase. Large and medium. Does anyone else find it hard to pack? If someone says you are going away for 18 months, go pack a suitcase, i think you would slightly freak out too. It’s all about enjoying my experience and feeling great with keeping myself smiling.

I did say to myself i wont buy too much because i will be touring. Well, i lied to myself because I’ve purchased a few cute bits from Zara and Miss Selfridge.


These Zara items work so well together, we all love a black body that holds us in without any lumps and bumps going on. Then these beautiful pants which fit snug around the waist accentuating your beautiful hips and then they slowly flare at the bottom stopping by the ankle.


Again Zara coat and some snazzy heels. These heels are sooo comfy, i would 100% recommend buying for when you are out having some cute cocktails or on a silly date. I will now live in this coat on tour, i love it! I mean it’s not the warmest but that’s what layers are for i guess. On tour I can’t pack all my amazing fur coats, as they take up so much room. The fuss!


Miss Selfridge high-waisted bag style pants and H&M cross style cropped top. I wore this outfit out Saturday night and it was my last night out before i started my journeys. These pants fit tight on the lower part of my legs with a slight loose fit style added around the thighs, gathering at the waist. They are in the petite section, but i am 5’6 ahaha, so i felt very slim when i was wearing these pants. It’s supposed to be a loose fit but not on me, but i like it. I always find some cute buys in H&M, but people say it’s a hit and miss store. Oh well. I love it.


Guys, keep updated with my post and bear with me. I will make a regular schedule and totally stick to it. Ive been so busy and caught up in life recently in life so bear with. I think its a good thing that life has been keeping me on my toes.

Samara XOXO


Author: samarasinsights

Hey it’s Samara here, I’m going to be lifting all you beautiful women by showing you my insight of style choices while motivating you to keep smiling and reminding you that you are amazing. You are allowed to feel the way you are feeling, every emotion. Not every day is a good day, but you can control it more than you think! “Keep smiling, keep shining” XOXO SAMARA

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