I’m Leaving You Behind In 2017!

5A30AC5C-352B-4FED-BF28-1152CD3F0FDD.pngA few things i’m going to be leaving behind in 2017 and starting my new year fresh.

I’m going to be getting rid of those toxic people. When you realise all your friends that want to be in your life are still in your life. We don’t need to keep everyone we have met this year along with us to 2018, there is no need. Of course, if they message or call me i will be nice and catch up, but you know the people that bring you happiness and positivity, the people who make you smile and bring that amazing side out of you. I love the people who i feel 100% comfortable around, who you can be yourself around without feeling that you are being judge. We are not silly, we do know from our instinct and we should make sure we keep ourselves happy from within and when we are with the people we love, that is always possible. I hate when i feel negative energy from people, maybe its me, maybe they had a bad day, but i feel like i shouldn’t be treated unfairly when I’m bringing smiles and compliments their way. But they do not have to like me, i just hate being spoken/treated like rubbish.

Letting go of stressing about the future and things i can’t control. I love to stress about the next step, but really every time i have, there has be no need to. All the outcomes have been amazing. I admire those women i see who stay calm in crazy situations, and women who have that i don’t care attitude. I mean, i love the passionate and spiritual women out there but i need to find a calm way of dealing with things, find that “zen” spirit as they say. So next year I’m really going to focus on not stressing about the things I’m not in control of or the things that i cant change right this minute. I’m really not good at starting new things. I start my new job in January and I’m already having anxiety about leaving germany for the 100th time. Im going to be travelling around Europe for 18 months and I’m going to be leaving my love behind, its not easy. I stress about things that i just don’t know how its going to turn out; but i will never know until i start; like i did this year, but in the end i know i will have an amazing time!

One more thing I’m leaving behind this year is some of my clothes that i just need to get rid off. Before i start my tour I’m going to get rid of all the old clothes that i keep because i did like them and the clothes that i think i might need. To be honest, the clothes i haven’t touched the whole year, i doubt i’m going to wear it next year. I can’t bring my whole wardrobe with me, so I’m going to just bring all my favourite outfits and workout clothes and sadly leave the rest behind. It’s so hard packing for 18 months, but there is always shops and online shopping everywhere you go. I’m sure i’ll be fine. Less is better i say, the more i can buy!!

Here are some items I purchased on Asos last night!!

Vinyl coat and vinyl trousers, i just browsed through a few vinyl items and now i am obsessed, i love the look of vinly as it is so chic and vintage. Giving you that edge and high street look, yet you can totally dress it up with a glam dress or a pair of heels. It’s just soooo different.

Bringing in some bright and fun colours into my wardrobe with some beautiful textures. The Silk pink tracksuit flare pants are sooooooo cool, I’m obsessed with them already and i can’t wait to get wearing them. The beautiful yellow scarf dress is beautiful, i will be wearing this dress at all hours of the day, a casual shopping day out to getting some cocktails! Heels and trainers, are we bothered!

Well, I’m sure your going to keep some amazing things with you this year, and i will be posting about the stuff i will be keeping tomorrow. Thank you for reading. Stay glowing!

XOXO Samara

Author: samarasinsights

Hey it’s Samara here, I’m going to be lifting all you beautiful women by showing you my insight of style choices while motivating you to keep smiling and reminding you that you are amazing. You are allowed to feel the way you are feeling, every emotion. Not every day is a good day, but you can control it more than you think! “Keep smiling, keep shining” XOXO SAMARA

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