Brave, Bold And Fabulous


“Be the star, be the queen, be who you are, just smile and be free” s.c


Versace Spring/Summer 2018


I always have the idea in my head of walking into a stunning soiree and wanting to feel like a star. Even if its drinks with my friends, I just love to make effort. I just spend the whole night having a good time because I know I’ve made an effort. We all know those times when you get the dress code wrong for an event or party and you feel uncomfortable the whole night, but if you put on your glam outfits and your best ones then there is no excuse.

I’ve got a major obsession with sparkles and glitter, its crazy! People always say that not everyone can pull it off, “I object Honour”, I feel like if you find the right style of sparkles that suit you everything will be fine. It’s in all the high street stores at the moment, from dresses to jumpsuits, EVERYTHING! I mean it is the most fabulous time of the year.


One Shoulder Animal Sequin Dress


RAGYARD T-shirt Sequin Dress 


John Zack Glitter Neck Wide Leg Jumpsuit 


Glitter Track Trousers With Side Strip




That was a collection from ASOS. Don’t we love to glam outfits up these days so I’ve found a lush pair heels and shiny earrings! I mean if your going to wear sparkles and glitters than bath in it or just add these accessories to a basic black dress. #lushbathbombs. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Monki Earrings and Lost Ink heels 




Author: samarasinsights

Hey it’s Samara here, I’m going to be lifting all you beautiful women by showing you my insight of style choices while motivating you to keep smiling and reminding you that you are amazing. You are allowed to feel the way you are feeling, every emotion. Not every day is a good day, but you can control it more than you think! “Keep smiling, keep shining” XOXO SAMARA

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